Space Saving Tips – Buy Rite Office Furniture

If you work in an office or business environment, it is safe to say that your work surface or desk area is not just your working space, but also holds papers, a keyboard, monitors, a phone, a lamp, pictures of your wife/husband, and possibly a stapler. Not only can your desk feel overwhelming, working in a condensed workspace can also decrease your productivity.

An easy and cheap solution to this is an ergonomic monitor arm.

An ergonomic monitor arms lifts your monitor off your desk allowing for more workspace. Adding extra workspace real estate is the key. When not using your monitor you can push the screen back allowing for even more room.

A monitor arm adjusts easily and in many different ways, allowing you flexibility throughout the day or if the desk is used by different employees/people. Less moving and twisting is the key to comfort!


Check out this video for a sample of options that you have! Buy Rite BC is a leading supplier of new and used office furniture in Vancouver with showrooms in Vancouver and Langley.




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