Selecting the Best Ergonomically Correct Chair

Selecting the Best Ergonomically Correct Chair.


Selecting the Best Ergonomically Correct Chair



Selecting the Best Ergonomically Correct Chair

Hey, you, hunched over your computer!  I bet your back hurts doesn’t it?  That dull ache in your shoulders that doesn’t go away and a throbbing lower back that seems to linger? Reality check! It’s not your mattress! Believe it or not, if you have a job that requires you to sit at your desk for 8 hours a day your office chair is most likely the culprit. 

If your chair is not ergonomic – you shouldn’t be sitting in it and Buy Rite Business Furnishings is here to save the day and your back!


Ergonomic chairs are proven to reduce back and neck strain.  It’s that simple.  With the long days we are all working, most spent in front of the computer, it’s important for you to put your health or the health of your employees first.  It’s not just back pain that a bad work chair can cause, you may also find yourself suffering from stress, fatigue, incorrect body posture and poor blood circulation.  For as hard as you work each day, you and your employees simply deserve better!

In 1968, Wilfred Dauphin developed ergonomic chairs to coincide with research on how computers were affecting office furniture!  It’s been a while since 1968, so there an abundant number of options out there for you.  So how will you choose?


Here are some good tips for choosing the best ergonomic chair for you:

  1. Choose a chair for its leg, back, arm and buttock support

It’s not just your back that suffers in a bad chair – it’s your whole system so be sure that the chair you choose properly supports each of these important body parts.  Slouching is a vice that a proper chair can eliminate from your life! Also, no one wants to feel like they’re slaving away at their computer – you want to sit on a cloud!

  1. Choose a chair that is easy to adjust for maximum comfort and support

Remember, everyone’s different so no one chair suits every person.  Choosing a chair that is easily adjustable ensures that your investment pays off.  Arm rests should adjust to reduce stress on wrists; chair height should be easily adjustable so that your feet aren’t swinging back and forth all day, and, of course, the chair you pick should make your lower back feel GOOD. Keep in mind that the more levers there are, the more you can adjust the chair to your specific needs.

  1. Choose the chair that matches your personality

These days Ergonomic chairs do not have to be clunky and unattractive.  There are multitudes of styles to suit every professional. Our manufacturers have branched out of the standard chair fabric to mesh and even leather. Imagine the comfort of a properly adjusted, soft leather chair that fully supports the natural alignment of your body! You might even forget you’ve been in front of the computer for hours on end!

Buy Rite Business Furnishings understands that office furniture no longer focuses on just aesthetics or functionality – these modern times have called for unity of these two concepts and our manufacturers have risen to the challenge, creating some chairs that are almost ‘modern works of art’.

So don’t hesitate – take care of yourself or your employees and select an ergonomic chair that reflects how much you value good health. Have a visit and view our selection of ergonomic chairs at A happy employee is a productive employee – we bet even your boss will be impressed!